Peru is one of the best destinations in the world for both travelers and movie directors. The country offers a number of unique and stunning locations, so filming in Peru should definitely be considered by any international producer.

The country hosted notable movies like The Green Inferno, Big Blue, Black Ermine, Chariots of Gods or Holiday for Lovers.


Film Permits in Peru

Most public locations require permits from the relevant government agency or authority. Fees may vary: some locations can be acquired for free, while average payable fees would be US$100-300/day (film and documentaries). Commercial producers may pay up to US$1,500 or more per location per day.

Machu Picchu is generally trickier to secure when filming in Peru.

There is no specific authority in charge with filming permits. Sometimes the central government allows access while in other cases local stakeholders take the call.

Our film fixer in Peru can assist you along the way till your film permit is complete.


Access for Foreign Journalists

Peru Ranks 88th in the World Press Freedom Index, close to countries like Israel and Brazil. This means there is still a lot to do in terms of offering journalists an unbiased environment to do their job.

From our point of view, the difficulty of a journalistic assignment in Peru depends on the topic. Tackling sensitive issues such as human or drug trafficking may be tricky as contributors can show reluctancy in talking to the media.

Our production fixer in Peru assists international journalists with everything from initial research to on-ground help and post-production support.


Tax Incentive

There are currently no film tax incentives in Peru for foreign productions.