Fixer Peru has an all-in-one offering to cover any production needs for international crews and journalists in the country. We are your best bet for getting filming locations, hiring crew members and generally having a hitch-free experience of filming in Peru.

Always feel free to drop us a line if your project requires any of our professional services.

Location Scouting

Peru provides a wide range of shooting spots for filmmakers around the world.

The filming locations in Peru are suitable for both modern and classic backdrops. They have been used for many international movies such as: The Green Inferno, Big Blue, Black Ermine, Chariots of Gods.

Having a Peruvian location manager in your team is certainly an asset. This is why our production fixer in Peru is ready to assist in securing the most suitable filming locations.

Crew Sourcing

We will assist you in sourcing for the best production staff with sufficient experience in working on international projects.

It can be stressful for a foreign filmmaker to source for highly skilled personnel and talent. Therefore at Fixer Peru, we have links with production companies that boast the best directors, soundmen, & makeup artists.

Equipment Hire

If you have to rent gear locally, there are several equipment companies in Peru with high-quality cameras, lightning & grips.

At Fixer Peru we can help you get the best filming equipment possible.

Should you need to bring your gear from abroad, you need to apply for an importation permit at the Peruvian consulate in your country.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

We make sure that we provide the best professional support for foreign journalists from the beginning of production till the end.

The assistance of our production fixer in Peru includes general research, fact checks, local access, contacting contributors and logistics.

General Production Support

We help foreign filmmakers and photographers in Peru with any production-related issues.

Our production fixer in Peru employs the one stop-shop for any issues in TV or film production.