Our Peruvian fixers have gathered enough experience working on International TV programmes, current affairs pieces and news reports. Therefore, our media professionals are able to offer unparalleled support at affordable rates to international journalists coming to our country.

Our services tailored to foreign journalists include:

  • Initial research
  • Local access (contributors and locations)
  • Fact checking
  • General production support (such as bookings, schedules, equipment hire, logistics, crew sourcing etc.)

Feel free to get in touch if you are a foreign journalist coming to Peru – our fixers are always ready to help.


Initial Research

Establishing the initial facts and key stakeholders can make a massive difference in any news story or current affairs piece.

Therefore our Peruvian fixers in Lima can provide you with adequate initial research free of charge.


Fact Checking

In the age of fake news, getting things right is one crucial aspect of quality journalist. Our production fixers do extensive checks – both online and through our network of contacts – to make sure you understand things correctly.


Local Access to Contributors

Getting the right people and going to relevant places gives depth and authenticity to any journalistic endeavour.

Our production fixers in Peru have connections with good contacts around the country to provide adequate help for news pieces and current affairs projects.


Production Support

We provide key on-ground help for foreign journalists in the form of logistics, timetables & itineraries.



Throughout the production period, we assist with all the things needed for logistics Including catering & transportation.