Fixer Peru: Local Support for Foreign Filmmakers and Journalists

Fixer Peru is a team of seasoned professionals in film production and journalism with in-depth local knowledge. We boast of years of experience working with international media organizations filming in Peru. We also work with local freelancers and suppliers to source talent, crew & logistics.


Our production fixers in Peru cover the whole country. With a wide network of contacts, we can provide some of our services directly: production management, location scouting or general research.

In addition, our Peruvian fixers can source talent, logistics (such as transport and catering) and filming gear from trusted local companies.

Fixer Peru is always ready to go off the beaten path. We are a one-stop-shop for anything a production crew or journalist may need, from getting an interview with an official to securing access to remote mountainous communities.

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Our services include:

Production support in general (production fixers in Peru): we support journalistic and TV/documentary projects from beginning to end;

Hiring crew members: Fixer Peru has a good network of English-speaking freelancers to hire (soundmen, grip, cameramen, talent);

Location scouting & management: permits for filming in Peru, professional location search.

Moreover, our production fixers in Peru are versatile and can cover a number of roles including:

Location manager and scout

Production assistant

Production manager

We are affiliated with top production companies in Peru for local talent, catering services, equipment hire and so on.

Fixer Peru is part of Storytailors, a global network of media professionals offering hyper local help to international producers and journalists.

Get in touch with us if you are a filmmaker, production company or foreign journalist.

Production Services

Support for international journalists

General research, location access, fact checking & logistics.

TV commercials

Our film fixer in Peru is a one-stop-shop for commercial production.

General production assistance

Any production-related issues, from initial research to post-production

Film & documentary

If you are a documentary producer or a filmmaker, we provide affordable options for you to choose from

Equipment rental and crew sourcing

We help with local equipment hire in major cities in Peru

Location scouting and permits

Fixer Peru gets all the necessary location permits for filming in Peru

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